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The Executive Referral Club was established in 2010 as our way of saying “thank you” to our clients who choose to refer friends and family members to our firm. Entrusting your loved ones to us is a true reflection of the confidence and commitment that we share. For each referral who becomes a client, we welcome you into our Executive Referral Program by presenting you with your choice of a uniquely hand-blown piece of glassware, specifically created just for you, from our carefully selected collection of “Sandwich Glass."

“Sandwich Glass” has been famous for more than 100 years. We have chosen a glassware collection that we feel expresses the true beauty of Cape Cod and the seashore. Sandwich artist Michael Magyar of the Glass Studio on Cape Cod continues the long-standing tradition of creating unique and exquisite one-of-a-kind glass-blown creations. Michael’s work has been featured in Cape Cod LIFE and can be found across the United States and Japan. Michael’s work is also showcased at the Sandwich Glass Museum.

Please stop by our office to view our beautifully displayed collection. We then invite you to make the very difficult decision of deciding which piece to begin collecting first.

With several different styles to choose from, why not collect them all?

Michael Magyar’s Sea Bubble Glassware

Michael Magyar, of Glass Studio of Cape Cod


Summer, White, Champagne, Red, & Carafe

Ocean Balls

Ocean Heart